Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pipe Fighter Update

Well, I've been hard at work with Pipe Fighter for the past week (ignoring classwork which I'm getting back to do after work) and good thing. I'm finally at the meat of the game. The fighing I have a working a introduction, main menu screen, options, character selection and now the fighting screen. My problem now is the use of the Farseer Physics engine which is implemented within the RayEngine. Once I get a hold on the use of it for fighting, Pipe Fighter will have a unique fighting feel to it compared to just Street Fighter. I hope to release a beta test at the end of the year or in January. It will be an online Beta, but just something to show after over a year of no one playing this game besides a few. Here's a little look at the character select screen. There's still some kinks that I have to rough out for the second player but that will be done after the beta when I start polishing stuff up. Oh just to let you know, the clouds are a particle system that is moving through the sky randomly ;) (There's an oxymoron in there when you see the video...which I will upload one, one of these days.) Enjoy.

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Victor said...

hey nice game. i am making an mk clone with xna too. moving from windows gdi cos it has limited draw functions so no after image ala sf super moves.

i was just wondering how u handle you input and move checks. farseer physic in a 2d fighting game sound interesting. btw would u not like to use a scrolling back ground with different layers so the stages look more vibrant? cos from your example u see to only have one image